Wondering Together Project

Wondering Together Project

Introduction by Paddy
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Wondering Together Project


The Wondering Together Project (WTP) in a Nutshell

Thank-you for considering being part of the Wondering Together Project! The Wondering Together Project invites your family, classroom, or group to come together once a day to check in with each other using the same five questions in the same order. 

Together, you all pick the place and the time that works best for you, and just listen to each other. 

I hope you will enjoy it and find it valuable but not everything works for every family, classroom, or group. So, if it is not enjoyable or helpful, that is good for me as a researcher to hear about, too. I welcome feedback about your experience whatever it may be. That’s how we will improve the practice! 

Ready to get started?  Go for it and email me if I might help answer your questions, send you a Wondering Together stone, or cheer you on!

Sally Thomas

[email protected]


How to Wonder Together

Carve out 10 minutes (it may take a little less … or a little more) each day. Gather together in a place and a way that fits into your life. (At a table, on a daily walk, getting ready for bed, any regular gathering time.) Try to use the same space and time of day once you find what works well for you all.
Set aside any “digital distractions” so that these ten minutes together are peaceful and you can really listen to each other. Some light a candle, dim the lights or do something else to make this short time together feel special but you don’t have to!
Have someone ask the first question on your Wondering Together stone or printed questions. 

I wonder what part of today you liked the best?” Some may have just a word or two to share while others may tell a short story. Just listen to one another.  Everyone always has the right to pass.

When everyone has answered the first question, ask the second one:   “I wonder what part of today was the most important part?” Allow everyone to answer with a phrase or a short story.  The remaining three questions work the same way.

“I wonder when you felt most alive today?” (alternate question for groups with younger children “I wonder when you had the most energy today?”)  

The fourth question, “I wonder what part of today you would have liked to leave out?”  

The last question is, “I wonder how you are feeling in this moment?” Perhaps a word is all each person needs here.

Close your Wondering Together time by thanking one another. You could bow to each other silently, high five each other, blow out a candle if you lit one, share a hug depending on the nature of your group. Take turns at who asks the questions each time. 


Link here to a video introduction!

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Please share your experience using this short form.
Thank you to Sally Thomas for sharing her work with us.
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