We gather as God’s People at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays in the church. Worship is a conversation that takes place between God and the congregation. God calls us to worship and is present wherever we gather in the name of Christ.

Our live worship services are informal and intentionally flexible to express that this is a dynamic conversation. But when you watch carefully you’ll notice a structure as each service is designed to express four movements in the conversation:

  • God calls us to worship and we praise God
  • God speaks to us and we listen to God’s Word
  • We respond and God hears our prayers
  • God sends us with his blessing and we go in faith


We celebrate the sacrament of Communion on the first Sunday of October, December, February, April, June, and August, as well as on Maundy Thursday. Holy Communion is a means of grace in which Christ deepens our union with him and with each other.

Our usual pattern is to serve each other in the pews as we pass along the elements. Occasionally we come forward and receive communion by intinction (we break a piece of bread from the loaf and dip it in the juice).


You are welcome to join the minister in her study at 9:30 a.m. to pray for God’s blessing on the service and Sunday School.


Part of the love within our community is expressed through our prayers for one another. If you need prayers, give our minister a written request before the service starts. She will share your request with the congregation, but it will not be included in the recorded video.


Do you love music?  Then Haney is the place for you – we love singing.
Music is a very important part of the worship experience at Haney. We intentionally sing a variety of songs from different traditions and in different styles. Our experience of worship is much richer when these different streams of worship converge.

Our Music Director is Nathan Mah. He has a B.A. (Religious Studies), and a B.Ed. (Elementary), has been an accompanist and choir director, and a member of several music teams since 2001. He has also been a classroom teacher and music specialist for grades K-7.

If you are looking for the opportunity to play an instrument or sing either in a choir or in small groups, we’d love to meet you.  Contact Nathan through our church email.