Vacancy News from the Session

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At the conclusion of Easter Sunday’s worship service, Haney’s Clerk of Session Gordon Shields read a letter from our Interim Moderator Reverend Bernie Skelding. Following is an excerpt:

          “The Congregational Profile (approved by Session), along with a summary of the congregation’s finances, were forwarded to the Ministry Committee of Presbytery for their meeting on February 20th, as a final review and approval before moving ahead with a Search for a new Lead Minister.  Recognizing Haney’s unique position in having a half-time Ordained Associate Minister in place, in conjunction with reduced finances, the Ministry Committee of Presbytery recommended that Haney take these matters into account, and begin the Search Process by first discerning whether God had placed a Call upon Rev. Eastwood to be the next Lead Minister.  In response, and after continued prayerful discernment by both the Session and the Search Committee, it was agreed to follow this recommendation.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 7.49.55 PM            “Rev. Eastwood was invited in early March to apply for the position.  It was delightful to discover that Rev. Eastwood was open to such a discernment process, having sensed the Lord’s leading in this direction as well.  The Search Committee reviewed Rev. Eastwood’s Personal Profile in light of Haney’s Congregational Profile.  Recognizing many points of congruence between the two Profiles, the Search Committee proceeded to interview Rev. Eastwood as the next step in the discernment process.  Following the interview, the Search Committee was unanimous in recommending to Session that Rev. Eastwood be invited to ‘Preach for the Call’, so that the congregation might also discern God’s Will in this matter.  Session met on March 19th to receive the Search Committee’s recommendation, and was equally unanimous in it’s decision to invite Rev. Eastwood to ‘Preach for the Call‘. 

          “Therefore, the Session, in grateful acknowledgement of the Lord’s hand at work throughout the Vacancy and the Search Process to date, invites the congregation to gather on Sunday April 15th to hear Rev. Eastwood preach and lead worship in the morning, and then after a congregational lunch, to meet together to discern God’s Calling upon Rev. Eastwood to be Haney’s next Lead Minister.  At that time, members and adherents will be asked to vote by ballot if they support the Call to Rev. Eastwood. If that vote is positive, members and adherents will then be asked to sign the appropriate Call documents in support.          

           “Would you please commit to going before the Lord in prayer for this next step in the discernment process.  The Session, the Search Committee and Rev. Eastwood all remain open and surrendered to God’s Will in this matter, and are grateful for the role everyone plays, as together we seek to keep in step with the Spirit. ”