The Final Steps…

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Everyone’s asking, “When will the Reverend Paddy Eastwood begin her ministry as full time Lead Minister? She’s already a minister in our congregation, so does she just switch roles and carry on?”

The quick answers are soon and nobut that requires an explanation, so here are the final steps:

At our congregational meeting after church on April 15, we voted on whether to extend a Call to the Rev. Paddy Eastwood to be our next full time Minister. The result of the vote of the members and adherents present at the meeting was 92% in favour of doing so.

After being signed, on April 25 the Call document was submitted for the support of Presbytery’s Coordinating Committee. It was then considered at the regular meeting of the Presbytery of Westminster on May 1, at which time it was approved as a true Gospel Call from God and placed in the hands of the Reverend Eastwood.

Version 2She has accepted the Call and the Presbytery of Westminster will officially induct her as our next full time minister at a special service to be held in our church on Sunday, May 27, at 3:00 p.m. Until the Induction service, Paddy will continue in her capacity as our half-time minister for family and youth.

We can expect Paddy to begin her full time ministry following the May 27 service. However, previous to receiving the invitation to apply to be our full-time minister, she requested and was granted study leave from May 28-June 3 at Presbyterian College, Montreal. As well, Paddy and Larry had planned and booked a long awaited trip to Europe together. Consequently, Paddy will be on vacation from June 4 to 26. Pulpit supply during June will be covered by Rev. Garvin and Rev. Cornish.

So that’s the scoop. We’re filled with joy at how God has worked among us and brought us to this point and are excited to be embarking on this new phase of our journey together.

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