Palm Sunday Reflections


Palm Sunday, April 14, 2019


  1. Luke 19:28-40   (Read passage HERE)
  2. Luke 19:45-48   (Read passage HERE)
  3. Luke 22:1-6        (Read passage HERE)
  4. Luke 22:14-20   (Read passage HERE)
  5. Luke 22:24-30  (Read passage HERE)

Today’s message was a drama presentation — it took the form of five conversations, each concluding with a brief reflection by Paddy. The scriptures were read by our youth and are included in the video.

NOTE: Unfortunately, while recording the fifth (and last) presentation, a technical glitch occurred and that segment did not record. After viewing the video, please return to this page and click HERE to read the text of the final conversation and reflection entitled “WHO IS THE GREATEST?”