Sunday School Challenge: Opening Classroom Doors

Beginning in September 2019 the weekly offerings of our Sunday School youth have been directed to Presbyterian World Service and Development’s project of opening classroom doors in vulnerable communities across the globe, providing children with opportunities for learning, so they can fulfill their dreams and transform their lives. Communities are engaged about the importance of education, training teachers, delivering school supplies, providing recreational facilities, and providing support with school fees.

Since 2018 our youth have also been collecting returnable, recyclable containers to help send delegates to Canada Youth  held every two years at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario.  CY2020 is the next national Presbyterian gathering for over 400 youth, young adults and youth ministry leaders.


Sunday School Challenge: Winnipeg Inner City Missions

In the first half of 2019 our Sunday School children supported the Winnipeg Inner City Missions.


Sunday School Challenge: Digging Wells

For 2017 our Sunday School children collected returnable bottles and pop cans to raise money towards providing wells for clean water in Malawi.


Sunday School Challenge: Healthy Babies, Happy Moms

In previous years, our children’s  support of PWS&D’s Sunday School Challenge: “Healthy Babies, Happy Moms” helped make lasting improvements to the health of women and children by contributing to improved access to health care, training birth attendants and teaching women how to better care for themselves and their children.


Sunday School Challenge: the Power of 50,000

Between 2011 and 2017, PWS&D’s Building Sustainable Livelihoods program* has been helping 50,000 Malawians learn the valuable life skills to break cycles of poverty.

In a desire to help, last year the children of our Sunday School undertook support of this program. Our contributions helped make a difference.

  • Children will have the opportunity to go to school
  • Young people will train for in-demand jobs
  • Farmers will receive seeds to grow more food
  • Women will join savings groups, receive small loans and start their own businesses

Together, the Power of 50,000 provides for their families and improves the lives of everyone around them.