SongSparrow - Version 4


Pastoral Care


This is how we show that we care and how we participate in the healing ministry of the Lord.

Most of our pastoral care happens informally where we take time to listen to each other, to visit each other, and to express our love and concern in practical ways. We are a church family that cares deeply for one another. Also, we often get together just for the fun or to eat. We’re good at that!


Our purpose is to hold the congregation in prayer before God, to build relationships, and to support and encourage the congregation in their personal lives with God.

Our Pastoral Care Team adds an extra layer of care in the congregation through the ministry of people who have the gifts of caring, listening, comforting, encouraging, visiting, and praying with others. It does not provide counseling or specialist help but offers pastoral care in many different ways –a conversation on Sunday morning, a phone call, an encouraging e-mail, or some form of practical support that may be appropriate.

Sometimes a visit is appropriate. We do hospital visits and we also make visits at home during times of prolonged illness, crisis, or other major events in people’s lives.

In the event of a serious illness or death of a member or adherent in our congregation, or of an associated family member, you are urged to contact Rev. Eastwood as soon as possible. As always, the Pastoral Care Team and your Elder are also available to support you with any ongoing pastoral needs you may have.


Many people have been blessed through this ministry of intercession. Contact numbers are printed in the weekly bulletin.


Members of our Manna Cell provide meals and fellowship to members of the congregation during times of need.