Music Ministry



Johnathan Booy

Music is a very important part of the worship experience at Haney. We intentionally sing a variety of songs from different traditions and in different styles. Our experience of worship is much richer when these different streams of worship converge.

Our pianist, adult choir director and Director of Music is Johnathan Booy. Johnathan completed his Bachelor of Music in Composition at the University of British Columbia in 2015 and his Master’s Degree in Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games at Berklee College of Music, Valencia Campus in 2016.


Instrumentalists and singers provide leadership in worship
and use their talents for musical ministry.


Our adult and children’s choirs also provide leadership (except during July and August).
Anthems are offered, not as a performance,
but as a form of prayer, praise or petition,
and as a contribution to the congregation’s worship experience.

Children’s Choir Director is Grace Pinck.


Sound PA Team-a

A team of volunteers control the sound system
each Sunday and for special events.
They ensure there are microphones where and when they are needed,
and all vocal and musical messages maintain
an appropriate clarity and volume.
Team Coordinator: Nigel Taylor