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“… So, how shall we keep Lent?

“Perhaps the best analogy is that of an athlete. Athletes don’t train for six weeks and consider the work done. It’s the year-round training that matters. Even so, there can be times of effort and training. Lent is an opportunity for us do the same, spiritually. During Lent we do the things Christians do all year but in a more deliberate way to make sure that we have these life-giving habits as a part of our lives.”

~ The Rev. Paddy Eastwood [HPC Newsletter, March 2020 edition]


Our planned schedule for Lent was altered by the COVID-19 outbreak.
Instead of meeting at the church, we gather online
via recorded messages and alternate worship resources.

Please go to our SERMONS page and
click on the event of your choice
to join us in worship.

May you be blessed this Eastertide by an awareness of God’s loving presence.