MINISTER: Rev. Paddy Eastwood





YOUTH LEADER:  Mrs. Grace Pinck













ELDERS: We have twelve elders, men and women who have been elected by the congregation and are ordained for life. Elders play an important role in the Presbyterian Church. Our system of church government is based on leadership by the elders. The elders together with the ministers form the Session.

SESSION is the governing body of the congregation and is responsible for the overall ministry of the congregation.

BOARD OF MANAGERS: We have a Board of Managers that reports to the Session and is responsible for financial management and maintenance of the facilities.

PRESBYTERY: We belong to the Presbytery of Westminster. Presbytery is made up of ministers and elders from each congregation within this region—one elder for each minister on the constituent role. Presbytery supports and oversees the congregations and ministers.

SYNOD is made up of several presbyteries and provides general supervision for them. Ministers and an equal number of elders make up the membership of this court. Some synods operate camps and offer educational and training events. Synods normally meet once a year.

The GENERAL ASSEMBLY meets annually during the first full week of June. It is the highest decision-making body of our church. An equal number of ministers and elders are commissioned by presbyteries to attend. It votes on matters of theology and polity that affect the whole denomination.