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“A new year! A new decade!” We’re hearing that everywhere, but what does it mean for you?

Many people begin a new year with resolutions … fresh intentions, usually focused on some kind of self improvement. Unfortunately, statistics say that more than half of resolutions fail by February. That’s often because our ambitions outweigh the reality of our lives. We may want to do it all but we aren’t superheroes.

An article on the GoSkills website offers suggestions such as preparing for the change by taking a personal inventory, evaluating your limitations, prioritizing your goals and selecting what you can realistically accomplish, breaking your chosen goal(s) into specific manageable chunks, writing them down and documenting your progress. It’s all good advice.

Where do church-based activities fit into your list of priorities? Along with physical goals we should also have spiritual ones. More regular attendance at worship, taking part in a bible study, encouraging children by helping in youth groups and Sunday School, supporting the prayer ministry, using the library for take-home educational and spiritual nourishment, volunteering among vulnerable adults and children — all are ways of contributing to your personal growth and wellbeing.

Most activities are posted on this website — the church Calendar and Newsletter are excellent resources, as is the worship service Bulletin that’s distributed on Sundays; and you can always phone the church office for current information (604-467-1715).

Don’t go into this new year and new decade without a concrete resolution to work on your spiritual growth.