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COVID-19 Virus

In order to be proactive in preventing the spread of this virus, we chose to take action to minimize the opportunities for contracting the virus.

On March 16 our building was temporarily closed and all activities suspended.


We are no longer physically gathering as a community. 

All real time Sunday worship, bible studies, small groups and programmes are postponed.
We will resume our usual life as a community of faith as soon as we can. 

 Our building is closed but our work continues. 

We keep in touch with each other by phone and email. Throughout the week, Paddy provides resources to replace our face-to-face studies and prayers, and material for families to help your children pass the time.  On Saturdays an email is sent to provide a link to Sunday’s message and worship resources. All sermons, current and archived, can be found on the website’s Sermon page — . 

If you need help with groceries (either shopping for you or helping you order online), appointments or errands, there are several people who have already offered their services.  Let Paddy know how the church can help you. Keep in touch with each other by phone or email. 

This is a time of adjustment for all Canadians.  So let this be our witness to the gospel – love is not weakened by distance; forbearance enables us to find patience; the peace of God steadies us in the face of the unknown.

Please continue to pray for all who have been affected by this pandemic, for those who are ill, for health care professionals and government officials and families who are caring for loved ones.   Fear does not have to infect us! 

 Please contact Paddy or any of our Elders if you have concerns or questions.