CellChurchLogoCell Groups

The cell groups are home-based small groups that meet three times a month for mutual support, prayer and Bible Study.

Together we grow in faith and in love.

We have four cell groups at the moment. One group meets on Monday afternoons, two groups meet on Tuesday evenings and the fourth group meets on Wednesday evening.

Our theme has been “Life together in Christ.”  This is part of our journey of becoming a community that is intentional about spiritual transformation and growth.

You can expect an evening to look like this:

  • Caring & sharing over a cup of coffee/tea
  • Worship (singing, praying, Psalm readings)
  • Bible study (on Christian living)
  • Prayers for each other and the world

Anyone can participate. Joining a cell group is very easy:

  • Call or e-mail the pastor or the church administrator to indicate your interest
  • They will put you in touch with a cell-church leader
  • Who will contact you to invite you to a group meeting

We won’t expect a long-term commitment from you during the first three weeks, but after that we hope that you would make a lasting commitment to the group.