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V.B.S. Sunday

Sunday, August 27, 2017 Our August 21 – 25 Vacation Bible School was attended by 69 children. The week’s activities were led by a great staff of volunteers who were commissioned to their tasks the previous Sunday. Many other helpers also decorated the church, sent cookies, brought supplies and donated a total of $505 in extra coins, set up…


Another Advocate

Sunday, May 21, 2017 Scripture Reading: John 14:15-21 Last week we began reading Jesus’ last sermon to his disciples before he is arrested, tried and crucified.  These chapters are usually called the Farewell Discourse because the Jesus they know in the flesh is going away but they could also be called the Discipleship Discourse or even…


October 2, 2016 – Scripture Reading: Luke 17:5-10 – How much faith is enough? That’s one of the questions underlying our text today.  According to the gospel of Luke, the life of discipleship is challenging.  It is not easy to follow Jesus. Our reading begins with the disciples’ heartfelt cry:  “Increase our faith!” So how…

The shrewd manager

September 18, 2016 Scripture Reading: Luke 16:1-13 Apparently St Augustine said of the parable of the shrewd manager, “I can’t believe this story came from the lips of our Lord.” 1600 years later and we still don’t like this story! A friend of mine once preached a sermon series on peculiar stories in the Bible….