Christmas Pageant Photos

The Christmas Pageant presented to the congregation on December 11th was entitled, “A Child Shall Lead Them: Now Museum, Now You Don’t” with children, youth and young adults participating. While we don’t like to feature individuals on the website without permission, here are a few group photos and a video to share highlights of this very special program. The…


Moving Towards Christmas

No matter how much we might sometimes wish otherwise, time steadily moves into the future. We can’t slow it down, speed it up, or make it go backwards, although it has an uncanny way of seeming to drag when we’re anticipating an event, and dash when we’re dreading one. That’s why it’s important to take…


Advent I – Hope

In church Sunday morning the children were asked what they saw that was different in the sanctuary. One youngster immediately pointed to a banner on the chancel wall: “Hope”. Another acknowledged the Advent wreath with its candles. At home, some families use Advent calendars, utilizing various ways of counting down the days to Christmas. Advent is a time…


Advent Intergenerational Event

Advent, from the Latin word for coming, Adventus, is the church season when we start preparing once again for the coming of the Lord Jesus…not just as a baby at Christmas but also as Christ the King in glory. We do many things during Advent as we begin readying our hearts and homes for Christmas….


HPC’s Family Christmas Bazaar

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” ~ Christmas is coming and one of our first gatherings of the season is the annual Family Christmas Bazaar on Saturday, November 19th, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. The church hall will be filled to near-bursting with a multitude of gifts and goodies for all ages….


Thanksgiving and Hospitality

  “As we As we approach Thanksgiving, be confident in God’s ability to use us and our gift of hospitality to touch others in an intimate and personal way and indeed to bless us as well.” These words appear in the lead article in our October newsletter, written by Paddy Eastwood. Paddy invites us to…


Peace Be With You

The Haney Church choir shares these few reflective moments, singing “Peace Be With You”, an anthem based on John 14:1-14 (NIV), composed by Mary McDonald. . .   

Kite Day

Kite Day

Saturday July 9th from 10:00 am to 12 noon We are welcoming our church families and the families of our local community to a fun “make and fly” kite day in the church parking lot. Bring your family and invite your neighbours to join in the fun. If the weather is poor, we’ll move into the…


Summertime Events

While many church activities wind down for the summer, other special events are being planned. Here are a few from our church calendar: LADIES’ RETREAT Ladies, get away for a few days of peace and quiet, singing, laughter, study, prayer and fellowship at Camp Douglas, June 21-24. Brochures and registration forms are on the table…


Responding to the Alberta Fires

  Although evacuated families are returning to Fort McMurray, their needs are ongoing. Some families are returning to homes that require a top-to-bottom, inch-by-inch cleaning and disinfecting, while others are returning to no homes at all. Donations to the relief efforts can still be made through Presbyterian World Service & Development. Please mark your donations…